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December 09, 2010


Love the gift wrap and the tags. And I was looking at Kyle thinking why does that kid look familiar? It's always so mindbending to see people of blogs in the same pics.

I love the gift wrap too, and especially the name tag to Grammie!

How damn cute are our kids together? CUUUUUTE. Send me a link to the ridiculous $35 frilly thing. I'll buy it for baby #2 :)

Don't worry too much about the name. I had a name like that early on. I fell in love with it, hard. I was crushed when the husband didn't like it. So we went through lists upon lists of alternatives. Then, a week before he was born, my husband turned and said; you know! I think I like the name so-and-so. I then assaulted him with the pillow because THAT WAS THE NAME I WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. He just shrugged and said that now it seemed "right." Hold out the hope, sister!

We started working on that exact same gingerbread house this morning! Elizabeth is really excited about getting to the candy part (this afternoon, after nap), especially the green leave things.

So my package arrived? Hurray! I was worried it would take forever.

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