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November 12, 2010


Wait, you vote Republican? Can we be friends?

With all that money you will be saving on diapers you can buy your new washer and dryer.

haha. Let me know how it goes with Montessori potty training. I tried it- no luck. The Montessori people make me laugh sometimes with their methods that work on "every child."

I am your source for cloth diapers. Feel free to ask me anything :) And are you doing drug-free this time? I'm guessing so, since you've got a midwife. BRADLEY method is *the* way to go.

Glad to hear you finally found someone that will work with you! Best of luck on the cloth diapers. I considered it for baby #2, but after spending way too much of my precious after work evening time pre-rinsing tiny toxic underpants in the tub for my potty training older child, I knew that I could not scrub/soak multiple cloth diapers on a daily basis. As Manda has said, somewhere a hippie is crying over my landfill contributions.

Oooh, I will be excited to hear how the PT goes.

I also use cloth diapers (and reusable grocery bags) and vote (mostly) republican. We should form a club!! :)

A'Dell, I feel that I could have written much of this post (we are twins!) My toddler just got over the nasty stomach bug (poor baby) and may be on the cusp of toilet training, too.

You will LOVE midwifery care. Both my kids were delivered by midwives and the quality of care (especially post partum) is amazing. And they are so much more respectful and open than most physicians.

Finally - and I say this as a Mom with two in diapers who made the switch when Veronica was days old - cloth diapering is much easier than you'd think. I find it kind of fun, actually! They look so cute, and I am thrilled at the savings!

I'll join the club! Midwife-loving, cloth-diaper using, have never voted for a Democrat. We also co-sleep and extended-nurse, and honestly I think my teenage self would be SHOCKED at what a hippie I've become.

We switched to cloth diapers with our second kid and we're never going back. There's just something about using cloth that's incredibly satisfying (in a tactile way, not in a green-smugness way. at least for me). I'll also have a ton of advice for you if you decide to go that way!

I said this already, but I'm just so happy that you've found a midwife! Hooray for sympathetic, smart prenatal/birth care.

Yay! I am so happy you found a midwife you like! Now you just have to find a beet field...

Sprog went to Montessori and when they said one week on the potty training? THEY MEANT IT. Sprog was one week, no accidents, no reverting. CRAZY TOWN.

Another cloth-diapering Republican here, and I would totally have gone to a midwife if I didn't already go to the relatively crunchy/no contraceptives/non-profit/Catholic OB/GYN practice. You're not alone!

I can't wait to hear about the Montessori potty training. I don't know how I missed the fact that Claire's preschool is a Montessori program. I've been reading up on Montessori stuff and am SO interested. Tell us more about it!

I think the fact alone that you send your child to a Montessori school whilst voting republican is enough to make the time/space continuum in the minds of many irrevocably warp.

But seriously, whatever. I'm a raving democrat and my republican mother is my favorite person in the world. We CAN all get along. :)

Wait. Did I just read that there's another Republican-voting hippie on the internet? You are my people.

Also, I'd be interested as to what you find out about cloth diapering. I'd like to do that myself once my kid arrives.

Glad to hear you found a midwife! There's nothing like making it halfway through a pregnancy not knowing who's going to deliver your child. I did it with my second, looking for someone who would be supportive of a VBAC with a Christmas eve due date. In my case it was an OB (small town means not much selection) and she was great.

Let us know how the cloth diapering goes. I haven't tried it, but I'm certainly interested.

Yay cloth diapers! (No time to write more.)

Hippie republican. LOL. Don't forget your liberal obsession with Apple products, too!

Glad to hear you found a midwife and figured that whole deal out... because if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy. More people need to understand that concept.

L has never really vomited yet, either. She had some ferocious spit up events as a newborn, but we've yet to endure the vomit. I hope Claire is feeling MUCH better. And I will make sure to buy a pillow liner when we get to that stage. I have been contemplating putting a pillow in the crib but that seems to be a controversial topic. Does Claire do well with it?

At least your not hippie enough to NOT find out the sex of your child. That's just ludicrous!

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