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September 08, 2008


Congrats on the baby....we just had a baby girl a month ago and she was 7lbs 10ounces and 20 inches long....just an average baby. My wife was going to try and go natural but we had to be induced we were 9 days overdue....she was also hoping not to use any pain meds...but when those contractions hit, she was screaming for an epidural and so was I. It was like she was possessed, a completely different person, and we went through 6 wks of lamaze classes to prepare for this. Once again congrats and hope everything goes well.

Yeah. Avery was "supposed" to be like... 8 or 9 pounds. He was actually just a bit over 6 and a half...

Having had a c-section, I DO NOT recommend it at all. It's certainly not "easier", but people talk about it as if it's no different than ordering from a drive-though.

Of course, mine was an emergency procedure, which I would not wish on anyone either.

Good for you for standing your ground :-)

I was all set to have a birth by a midwife at a birthing clinic when I was diagnosed with a breech at 36 weeks. It was devastating to Jason and I to schedule a c-section. I had planned for a totally natural birth and now I would be having the most medical birth. But we learned our first lesson of parenthood. All that mattered was the safety of Lucy. Who cared how she got here? At that point all I wanted was her, safe and sound. When you get together with other mamas to tell your birth story they'll all be different but the outcome is the same. :)

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