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March 23, 2008


You don't give jake bottled water?!? Gah ... I don't dress my dogs, but bottled water was always on hand when one of them went anywhere with me. I'm all paranoid about the changes in local water when you're traveling and had visions of doggy diarrhea in the car. So my pooches always get bottled water.

But no pink sweaters. I draw the line at sweaters.

"If we don't make an effort to see certain people, well then, we just don't get to see them at all. They won't come visit us. (It makes me wonder why we want to see them in the first place.)" Delurking to say that this post, particularly that segment, really resonated with me. Thanks for writing it! We have a lot of very similar thoughts-- if they don't bother visiting us, why should we bother visiting them? And yet the expectation is there. *sigh*

jake? LOVE HIM! he's so cute!

We've got the DINK situation too, but we're not big travelers and we sort of hate most of our friends. So it works out for us. I hope this means we're saving lots of money somehow. In any event, I wholeheartedly approve.

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