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May 07, 2012


Happy Birthday, Charlotte!!!

Sometimes life needs a pause button. Happy birthday to miss charlotte and congrats to you guys for making it through the first year!

She is just the most adorable baby. Honestly, A'Dell. You'd better lock those girls UP - the boys are going to be banging down the door. Happy birthday, Charlotte!

Far too cute.

I can't believe she's a year old already. Happy birthday, Charlotte!!

Cutie pie! Happy Birthday to Charlotte!

Listen, I'm an equal opportunity baby lover -- I think most of them are just so twee and adorable it is hard not to coo. But there is just something special about Charlotte -- and I think she might be one of the most photogenic babies EVER! I can't believe it's been a year, A'Dell! CRAZY!

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Happy birthday, Charlotte!

YAY! Happy birthday, Charlotte! Oh, A'Dell. She's absolutely gorgeous. You made it through a year with TWO kids!

Happy birthday dear Charlotte! I love the shape of her little smile. One of her best defining characteristics in all those pics. Sweet thing.

How? How is she one already? Happy birthday, sweet girl and to you, too, A'Dell.

Where does the time go?!? Hope Charlotte had a great birthday!

She is SO adorable, A'Dell, SO STINKING CUTE. Good work! Happy birthday to YOU too ;)

How did this happen??? One???

Adell, she is beautiful. And full of spunk! Great combination!

Happy birthday, Charlotte!

Happy Birthday Charlotte. That year went fast. Who did your newborn pics?

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