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January 08, 2012


I think that the creamy off-white would like utterly charming in a little girl's room. I say go for it!

I love those pieces! Would look great all dressed up in a new color! Maybe that chalk paint everyone on the internet keeps talking about?

For the LOVE OF GAWD DO NOT PAINT IT. OMG. What a way to destroy antique furniture and make collectors and restorers skin crawl. But I am also the owner of an almost 90 year old home and belong to several Old Home Associations, my father is an antique collector as well as wood-worker, and it looks like Bert is headed that way too. So yah.

I started reading this post and thought, "if it were my furniture I'd keep it andpaint it white", then got worried you wouldn't want to paint it, and then when I saw the pictures of the furniture, thought, "lovely if she painted it white". So, yes, think it will look wonderful in a little girls room. I live in an old house that has 4 heavy dark wooden timber mantelpieces that the previous owners painstakingly restored. Just too dark, heavy for us though, so it took about 2 years of living here for my husband and I to decide to just go for it and paint one of them white. We never looked back. They now look fantastic, so much brighter and fit in our kids rooms in a much more cheerful way. Go for it.

I think there's a ton of potential in the dressing table, in particular.

You are officially a super sleuth.

Good luck on your project and can't wait to see the finished product! I think that furniture would be awesome painted white for a girls room.

As soon as I saw that I thought, man, I thought that would be GORGEOUS painted white! That mirror is going to look fantastic when the white brings out all the curly details.

Also, not to start a comment war, but god I hate it when people tell you not to paint furniture. Yes! Keep furniture a color you don't like! Just because someone else thinks it's better that way! What? That makes no sense. IF you don't like wood color and it's in your house, why on earth should you not paint it?

Painted white, this would be lovely for a little girl's room! When you're ready, check out centsationalgirl.com -- she has lots of tutorials for prepping and painting old furniture. Good luck!

Frequent lurker here . . .
LOVE the funriture and love the idea of painting it a color.

Also, if you're still having "3 year old isues," I'm finding really good results so far using "Talking to Toddlers." It's an audio book-lesson thing. (I started following your blog becuase our kids are the same spacing apart.)

I definitely think you should paint it. I'm not thinking there's a huge market for thinly veneered 50's-era furniture from a random furniture maker. The value of it is sentimental, not monetary, and you'll get way more use out of it painted white. Unless, of course, there are some Garrison descendents willing to give you thousands for it. (I suppose it's possible!)

Also, I have that family-furniture disease, too, and you've inspired a post about all the family stuff in my house. We'll see if I actually WRITE it, but I like the idea.

I like it! I think it will look nice refinished. Definite win.

I think it'd be cute painted. Also, I have the family furniture disease too. Fortunately the pieces I have so far are pieces I've asked for, so they are very much my style and I LOVE them. And my mom is more than happy to give them to me because none of my siblings want them!

I think it would be super cute painted. I am a big fan of making it something you will use, rather than keeping it traditional. You might check out Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I just finished my headboard using that and it had this gross, peeling veneer. I didn't sand, I didn't prime, I just painted on two coats and then waxed and it looks great (if I do say so myself).

Thank you for keeping it in the family! I believe Grandmother died in 1960, just after my brother, Jess was born. I saw extra furniture in the guest room last June but never asked Aunty about it. Yes, it will look very sweet painted white and I'm sure that Grandmother is happy that her great great granddaughter will be using it!

What beautiful furniture and what a LOVELY story! I think it would look fabulous in her room painted white. Can't wait to see what it looks like!

And I hope you follow up on the mystery! So interesting!

I KNEW KNEW KNEW there would be some "DON'T PAINT IT!!!!" comments in this post, and I felt prematurely guilty for even thinking "man, that would look awesome if she painted it" while I scrolled down. You know my feeling on this: there's a lot to be said for keeping the original wood if you like it that way, but if you'd rather paint it and think it would look better (and I agree with you that it would look beautiful in white), then it should be enjoyed the way you want to enjoy it. Can't wait to see the final result!

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