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January 10, 2012


I read this with great interest and got a nice happy twinge at the last paragraph.

Your last paragraph made me tear up!

In Teddy's room stands a rocking chair. It belonged to my great-grandmother Olive, my Grandma's mother. She was a tiny thing, and she died when my Dad was 5. But she loved rocking kids in that chair; one of my Dad's earliest memories is rocking with her in it. We had our kids nearly 1 century apart (I posted about it here: http://bit.ly/d13IlJ ) and I think about her when I'm rocking my guys in that chair.

I love love this. My grandma called her parents Mother and Daddy, and still does when she talks about them. Also, I am afflicted with The Furniture Gene as well. My parents bedroom set while I was growing up was also made of walnut and was (I think) my dad's grandparents. He still has it and asked if I wanted it, but it's only a full size bed and blah blah, but oh it would be lovely to have it in our home.

My grandma does that, too! Mother and Daddy. I would especially like to have anything of her mother's since she died of cancer when my dad was in high school.

Yes, yes, yes! to your last paragraph. Can't wait to see the transformation.

Thank you for some bits of Hinton family history as well as the photos. I love the house!

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