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May 13, 2011


Oh my. That is the same baby. So, you know what she's going to look like in a few years.

And yes, gorgeous.

Yep!!! Absolutely lovely! As I said before, it will be interesting to see how they compare as they grow up. My mom and I looked identical as infants - not so much as adults. Still fun though!!!

Wow. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were lying about those being different babies!

Holy Cow!!

I don't envy you in 14 years, beating the boys away from your porch with a stick!

Wow! That is the same baby indeed. And definitely both gorgeous!

Man alive! My friend has 4 daughters and she had them all take pictures in the same dress and a certain age. A couple months or so. Funny to see how they're alike and different. If you didn't know better you'd assume Charlotte and Claire were the same baby.

Remember that conversation we had about how this girl could look TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Claire. Seems I was a tad bit wrong.

Wow, they really could be the same baby. It's a good thing you make cute ones! Sophie and Amelia looked NOTHING alike at birth and now every day I see more and more similarities. Genetics is a funny thing

Beautiful, both of them. And peas in the same pod, yes!

Embiggen? That brought a giggle.

Holy cow, A'Dell! That is just insane. And how much fun you are going to have. TWO gorgeous little girls!!

My two oldest boys were like that. When we'd look through the photo album, my oldest would point to pictures of his infancy and say, "Oh, it's my brother!" because they looked so alike as babies.

Now they look very different from each other, but you can still see the family resemblance. My third, on the other hand, is a mini clone of my husband and looks just like he did as a kid. It's eerie.

Your girls are gorgeous.

Wow, you make stunning babies. :)

Beautiful, beautiful babies!!

I recently discovered your blog through Jennie over at She Likes Purple and have been trying to catch up...first of all, I have to say that I am SUPER impressed that you survived such a long pregnancy without committing homicide. I was so cranky by the end of each of my pregnancies that it often seemed a viable option, and I didn't ever make it past 39 weeks.

Also, your girls are GORGEOUS and holy cow, they are virtually identical! Crazy!


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