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May 09, 2011



Love her name!!! She looks a bit like Claire as a newborn too. I'm sure you've got your hands full with those two! Congratulations!!!

What's not to love, can I just say? She's perfect.

BEAUTIFUL! Ah, new baby smell. It's the best. She is darling. I love the cuddle up to you and sleep all day stage.

She is just so beautiful! I love everything about her- and great job on her name, you guys. It's just perfect! What a tremendous blessing! Congratulations to all four of you.

She is as lovely as her name is. Congratulations!

She's gorgeous! She looks older than a newborn. I would have guessed she was a month old!

Congratulations A'Dell and Chris! She is precious!

Congratulations a million times over!

oh, she's gorgeous. You are so blessed!

She's beautiful. There's nothing sweeter than a newborn sleeping on you. Congrats again

Ohhh, she's so beautiful! Congratulations!

Gorgeous! And I love the name.

Congrats again to the whole family! She's gorgeous!!

She is so beautiful. Congratulations!

I'll be honest... I don't normally think newborns are great to look at. They are usually funny looking! But yours is legitimately, totally beautiful. Nice work!

Love, love, love her! Congratulations again on your beautiful new daughter. I hope you're having so much fun getting to know each other.

She is sooo beautiful and sweet!!! Congratulations to you and your family, you did a great job!

Perfect girl! Perfect name! Congratulations.

She's lovely, just lovely!! What a peach. :D Congratulations to you and your family of FOUR!

1. Sigh. Perfection. She is so so so gorgeous.
2. Its the blanket! That's so awesome!

Gorgeous. Look at that beautiful red-bow mouth. Nothing in the world like sleeping babies.


Congratulations!! She is lovely, and the name is lovely too.

She's sure a cutie. Love her name! Charlotte is just fabulous. We talked about that one and calling her Charlie!

Hope all is well!!!

She is perfect! So beautiful. Congratulations!

How wonderful!
All the best to you and your family!

Beautiful girl! Congrats to your whole sweet family.

She is absolutely beautiful and I love that name!! Congrats!

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