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February 17, 2011


Very complete! Second time around seems much more manageable?

I bought the Moby Wrap, new. Hated it. Yards and yards of fabric that takes forever to get situated. Clara hated it. Sold on eBay and bought Baby Bjorn on eBay thinking she might not like it and she *adored* it. The Beco was good for once she got heavier, though she couldn't face out - which was her favorite.

My SIL has the Mia wrap, which is much more easy to put on, and her kid likes it.

Just my unsolicited ass-vice :)

Oh! Me! I want to make an offer on the BOB.

I had a list much like this one no too long ago and even though I know that this is not my list I am still feeling a bit stressed out. Now that I know it is triggering my stress I will manage it by shutting the laptop and watching mindless TVs.

LOVE those prints. I almost clicked through to Etsy - glad I read your warning...

That is a good goal. My nursery wasn't even started when I went into labor. sigh. I wish I had been able to experience the satisfaction of knowing everything was done.

Two things: First, don't buy a Moby! Try mine first! I'll mail it to you. You can just keep it until such time as you are finished or I may require it; I doubt I would require it before you are finished with it.

Second, might I timidly suggest you only teach Clair to *buckle* and not *unbuckle* her seat? Because what if she unbuckles while moving?

(FWIW, I would usually take one kid out first, bring that kid to the entryway, and then go back for the second. During the time of the infant seat, I would just bring Nora in and go back for Jack. This is obviously dependent on your house situation. Now that Jack is bigger, I unbuckle him first and have him wait for me whilst I release Nora.)

i love your blog! it makes me happy to find other over-organized parents. i have 2 boys under 3 and the toy thing ddrove me crazy until i emptied out a closet in the older ones room and organized all the toys by category (i.e. legos, block, play doh, crayons, balls, puzzles, books, etc ETC) so every morning, we pick out a new toy and play with it all day. then clean up at night. its much easier to deal with 100 legos rather than 100 legos, blocks, trains, and random-ness.
also i make madlists. i love them!!

We did the toy edit after Christmas when our toy holder literally wouldn't hold all the toys anymore. What I ended up doing was sorting the toys into thirds (which leaves a VERY reasonable amount of toys out at any given time) and storing two of the thirds in storage bins (got them on sale after Christmas.) I tried to make each "set" of toys pretty comparable too. So, for instance, each set has a road toy of some sort, a set of blocks of some sort (mega blocks in one, soft blocks in one, wood blocks in one) etc. And I rotate them every two weeks. It's been great so far, they've been excited for the "new" toys every time the rotating happens.

There are some toys that are out all the time though. Kalena has a kitchen in her room so the toys that go with that stay out. And her stuffed animals and dolls have their own bin so that only comes out when she asks for it.

I'm with Holly. I wanted to love the Moby but I only liked it in the first few weeks (when Anneliese's legs still curled up instead of straddling the wrap), after that she and I were much happier with the $5 bjorn I bought on craigslist.

Also, I hope these etsy people are giving you some kind of discount for referrals because I am definitely buying that name/abc print for my #3, and also the airplane pic for Anneliese. LOVE.

I love the prints! They are so stinking cute!!

I tried a cheap knock off wrap and a bjorn a friend loaned me and L never warmed to either. If someone can let you try one out first before you make any kind of investment, that would be AWESOME. All babies are so different, you just never know what they'll like. (says the $130 unused swing in my upstairs closet)

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