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September 08, 2010


Katherine is a grazer - she wants to snack and have a bite here and there but hardly ever sits and eats a whole meal. sigh. It is SUPER frustrating!!

beep-beep sounds super cute!!!

She is so grown up now!

Luckily none of the stores around here have the car carts, so we don't have to fight that particular fight.

Kalena doesn't tell us when she wants to go to bed, but when you lay her down she pretends to sleep right away. (She loves pretending to sleep.) I always think, well, joke's on you kid, cause you'll really be asleep in a few minutes.

What a great update. She is so precious, it should be illegal to be that adorable. I think the "not eating huge meals" is just a complete way of life for most toddlers. I was so stressed about it when L started pulling that stuff after having been such a meal-a-holic her whole life (seriously, the kid was SCREAMING to eat from the moment she was born) but now I am certain it is just a common busy-bee-toddler trait. She is far too busy enjoying life to stop for a meal. Oh well.

The car cart deal is hilarious. I snicker just picturing the whole ordeal. I won't even let L SEE the car cart the few times we've been stores with them. Most of our usual spots don't have them, though, so I am hopeful I'll be able to AVOID the drama.

"beep beep?" One of the cutest things I have ever heard!

Ack, that HAIR!!!! She is SO precious, A'dell!

Will went through a phase of asking for "bed". It was the best thing since sliced bread. I loved it. It actually lasted longer (2 months) than I thought it would and even to this day, if he is really tired, he will ask for "bed." Love it.

What is UP with the informing when sleepy? Noah started doing that the other week, and while I am grateful that he WANTS to sleep, I know it can't last. Because that would be weird and un-toddler-like.

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