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May 03, 2010


I will never ever go w/out a dishwasher again. THE WORST! So sorry for your loss! But just think! If you'd waited for delivery you'd be waiting even longer. Yeah sorry that wasn't helpful.

I think you need an Astrale e Terra wooden box for that space on the counter. Working on it now!

How super sucky!! I'm sorry!

I hope that there is another "mistake" and the new one gets her super quick!

I'd rather cut my own hands off then have to handwash dishes ever again. I grew up in a really old house that didn't have a dishwasher. I remember at my first apartment wondering how my mother managed to make it all those years. I hope your (next) new one arrives swiftly!! (PS-I learned this same lesson with the new microwave that didn't fit... luckily, we kept the old microwave but it still took my husband almost a week to put it back)

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