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December 22, 2009


Amen love. I think you summed it all up as always, in perfect prose. :) Bah humbug and good luck with the house hunt. Losing control can be a b****. Miss you!

I'm glad to hear someone else is sharing my same feelings on Christmas this year. I'm feeling like a big grinch. Working my butt off, spending my vacation time on a freaking shoot in LA, having to fly from LA to Midland on Christmas Eve to where I will show up empty handed. Merry freakin' Christmas. We can wallow together! :)

Congratulations on being a Successful Adult. America needs more of them.

Simple life philosophy by Rollin (your bro) Mccleskey:

There are very (emphasize very) few things in this world that are important. I have my tier one level of things that are important and can merit nervous worry; family, the buddies, girlfriend. If you notice all three of these could probably be lumped into the same thing. They are all my family (extended at least).

Everything else, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is a long and distant tier 2 worry. I love my job. Absolutely love that they feel I merit to be paid for something that I truly enjoy waking up for. If they fire me tomorrow it sucks but does my life really change? The tier 1 stuff doesn't change. Even if I start digging ditches and have to live more modestly my tier 1 still doesn't change. I've lived on much less before, I was not one iota "happier" than I am today.

Stuff is not bad. Stuff is good, do not feel guilty that you want the conveniences of life. I like buying myself new toys too, we all do. Linen closets and Xboxs are tier 2 things though. Tier 2 can't unbalance tier 1.

When you feel bogged down by the smaller things in life (yes buying a new house is a smaller thing in life) just look to your friends and your family and how great things are. If you buy the wrong house pick up your family and try another one (you've done it plenty of times before). If the linen closet isn't big enough tell Chris to pick up a sledge and make it so. If you don't make the right dessert bar Christmas will not be ruined. Would Christmas really be that different if we all met in a one bedroom aparment with no heat and didn't have any presents but we made cheese grits and drank coffee? Sounds like the same thing to me. All those tier 2 things are easily changed, remedied, fixed and therefore do not merit my vigilant worry. I'll keep my panic attacks for the things that I can't fix if they go wrong, the things that can't be mended, bought, or exchanged online.

See you tonight and an early Merry Christmas!

Oh and by the way the couple in the Money Pit end up realising just how much they love each other and how having the perfect house (which they have in the end) is worthless without the other person in it with them.

What an awesome brother!

I also feel guilty and bad about myself, with a large helping of I'm A SAHM So I'm Not Even Contributing To The House Fund For The Big Ass House I Demand. BAH. Also: People packed entire families into two bedroom houses in the Days Of Yore so what's MY problem? DOUBLE BAH.

This is a CRAZY time of year, even when you aren't selling a house. I shall spread some cheer your way!

I love your brother's response to this post, he is spot on. Don't feel bad about being successful or wanting anything bigger or better for your family. A house (and all those 0's that come along with it) can be VERY intimidating, but what I have found in my life is that things ALWAYS work out the way they were supposed to. You know? So why bother worrying about it TOO much? It is all ultimately out of your control in the long run (which is terrifying for a control freak, believe me) but it just ends up working somehow. And linen closets? They are dreamy. You deserve a linen closet, dear friend.

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