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August 11, 2009


ohmigosh jealous jealous jealous! What resort is this?? How early did you have to get up to take a picture of absolutely no one in the pool?

Yes, that view is one I could easily get used to.


omigosh! when it's time for my husband & me to take a vacay next year, i'm e-mailing you to find out exactly where you guys stayed! i. WANT. TO. GO. THERE.

and, how nice of your parents to take claire AND jake! i miss jake. i need a picture of jake.

p.s. apparently, i cannot spell my own name. i wrote robni instead of robin. ha.

Oh my dear god!! I'm sorry about your luggage and the drunk kids and all but OH MY GOD. I need to go there right now and have a deliciously overly sweet alcoholic beverage while sitting in my chair in the pool!!

Hope the rest of the vacay was just as good ;)

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