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October 28, 2008


Count your blessings for such a sweet baby! My second is about a week and a half older that your baby and he is my SECOND colicky one! I get about an hour a day when he is awake and content. Otherwise, he is sleeping, eating, or screaming. And they said God wouldn't strike twice with a colicky one. As for the jeans, it took at least 3 months to get into my pre-pregnancy jeans after having my daughter but this time I was back in them after only a week...except there is still a major "muffin top" spilling over the top of them. I think I carried differently with my boy...good luck shopping and I fully support ripping out the tags!

Don't forget that you could still be a little swollen. All that fluid they pumped into you while you were in the hospital? It lingers. I don't think I was fully... uh, UN-swollen for four or five weeks. It will get better soon though!!

YES! Ripping the tags out IS THE SOLUTION!

At least you have a sweet baby to blame it on!
I'm freezing my tush off this morning because NOT.ONE.SINGLE.PAIR. of pants fit me this morning. And I'm not talking oh-they-just-don't-look-great don't fit, they were could-not-get-them-on don't fit. So I was late for work, feeling fat, and cold!!
So I will be venturing to Old Navy myself this afternoon.

Sorry about the pants. I'm sure someone came in, under the cover of darkness, and washed all of your pants in scalding hot water and then put them in the dryer on HIGH! That's what I always say when nothing fits.
It's only been 3 weeks-be easy on yourself. You just did a miraculous thing-mostly with NO DRUGS!!! Who cares if your pants are a little tighter today. It will get better. As soon as you have something that fits, you'll feel better again. And keep feeling svelte! You deserve to!

Love the updates!

By the way, how's Jake doing with the new addition???

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