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September 02, 2008


i was 11 pounds, 7 ounces & 24 inches long when i was born. i was a vaginal birth. of course, that was 30 years ago...and i was 20 days late.

nowadays, though, they would never let a woman go that long without inducing or whatever, but i'm just here to tell you that you can birth a "big" baby without a c-secion.

so, props to you for standing your ground.

i TOTALLY agree with you on every point (including the no epidural). i'll be interested to know how this plays out.... especially considering i may one day be faced with the same issue. i have also seriously considered trying to find a birthing center in my area for the one day when i may be pregnant, just because of their more holistic attitude about the whole process.

Good luck. I ended up with the emergency c-section due to the size of the baby but it was not that bad. I would not be induced just because the doctor thinks the baby might be too big. Stick to your beliefs.

You'll do great! If it is a uncomplicated labor, and not one of these 20+ hour deals, then I know you can do it without the epidural. Just keep remembering that without it everything will go quicker. That is seriously what I kept thinking... "I want this baby out!"

There's no evidence that shows late term ultrasounds to be accurate measures of fetal weight anyway.

Come read some big baby birth stories if you want. =)

Have an awesome birth!

Wow... you really HAVE been reading all those baby books! Hope you're getting some rest!

I'm going through the same thing already at only 31 weeks. My dr. is freaked out that this baby will be big. He's already talking about inducing me early to avoid a c-section but my feelings are the same as yours. I'd rather have a full term, 40 week baby & end up having a c-section (if necessary) than be induced early. Plus, Ashlie was 9lbs 2 ounces, a 29 hour long labor & I had a vaginal, no complication delivery without any pain meds so I feel I can do it again. Every birth is different so we'll see!

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