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February 04, 2008


Actually, I disagree. If you are ignorant of the issues, don't bother to stay informed, can't explain the platform of the candidate you'd vote for (assuming the candidate can!), then please don't vote. In fact, if you live off of welfare or are a legislator, you shouldn't vote. When the ignorant and the sycophantic leaches that steal wealth from the more productive aspects of society vote, it doesn't help matters. It also doesn't help when the national media prejudge the elections and choose who the viable candidates are by doling out free air time to their favored persons.

So I'll wait for Texas's turn as I try and fight the ignorant sumbitches that keep screwing my country up. Go Ron Paul!!!

PS. Considering the falling value of the dollar, the Zimbabwe comment is timely.

Agree that morons should not vote.

But, (and maybe I am paying everyone too-high a compliment) I feel that most of my readers are educated enough that they *should* be voting.

However, I might be wrong. Morons in educated person's clothing or something like that.

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